Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hymn by Doddridge

Behold the amazing sight,
The Saviour lifted high!
The Son of God, His soul's delight,
Expires in agon!

For whom, for whom, my heart,
Were all those sorrows borne?
Why did He feel that piercing smart,
And wear that crown of thorn?

For love of us He bled,
And all in torture died;
'Twas love that bowed His fainting head,
And oped His gushing side.

We see, and we adore
Thy deep, They dying love;
We feel its strong attractive power
To lift our souls above.

In Thee our hearts unite,
Nor share Thy grief alone,
But from Thy cross pursue our flight
To Thy triumphant throne.


We're here to discuss Truths of Scripture. Of course we would also examine different views and writings of men of God and of course those who are not 'men of God' to expose their errors and warn believers about them and their writings.

All who love the Lord Jesus Christ and own Him as their Lord and Saviour may participate in these discussions. And of course only those who hold to the 66 books of the bible need comment. We believe the Bible is the inspired and complete revelation of God for Man for all time.

This is only intended to be a platform for discussion.